Integrating Direct Marketing into a Campaign

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Why Integrate Direct Marketing into a Campaign

Integrating direct marketing into a campaign allows an organisation to combine the strengths of various marketing techniques and communication channels and create a single marketing strategy with high impact and relevance.

The benefits of direct marketing include the ability to target audiences, use personalised messages, test campaigns, and provide a specific call to action for customers. Direct marketing techniques can also be used in most media, including telephone, email marketing, catalogues, promotional mail, telephone or SMS.

To achieve a high response rate, there are several aspects of direct marketing that require efficient planning and execution in order to make an impact.

Personal Marketing Messages and Offers

One of the main benefits of direct marketing is the ability to personalise a message and provide one-on-one communication with the customer. In a world of information overload, direct marketing fosters relationships and inspires loyal customers - if personalisation is planned and executed correctly.

Find out the demographics of your target customers, including location, age, sex and lifestyle. How often do they buy from you? How do they prefer to buy/interact with your organisation? Do they purchase high end or low end products? What communication method do they prefer?

Use this information to encourage a dialogue with your customers based on their preferences. With online and offline communication channels at their fingertips, customers are increasingly expecting - and appreciating - this level of personalisation.

This data should also be used to create and time a great offer for consumers that will boost your response rates, including relevant discounts or offers that will appeal to a certain target audience based on the offer, the timing of the offer and its relevance.

Consistent Branding and Messaging

When integrating direct marketing into a campaign, consider what other communication channels are also being utilised in your overall marketing strategy and what each channel offers in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

Whatever you choose, be consistent across communication channels with certain elements of your campaign, like your logo, colours, font and any messages or taglines. While there is room for testing and alterations in marketing campaigns, customers also want to recognise an organisation and connect the various cross-channel experiences they've had with the business or brand.

Add a Call to Action

Always include a call to action in a direct marketing item to encourage a specific response from customers that aligns with your own business objectives - do you want to drive sales? Drum up interest in a new product or service? Gain new customers? Improve current customer loyalty?

It's also important to make the call to action clear and visible. In a direct mail item, for example, don't drown your call to action in too much copy - keep your message simple and to the point.

Boost ROI with Direct Marketing

Following up on the call to action is also crucial. If directing customers to a website, compelling copy and a catchy and user-focussed design can help improve conversion rates. If a customer is sent to a website and then can't act on your offer, or tries to call your organisation but receives no response (or a delayed response) it's unlikely you will convert them from browser to buyer.

One major benefit of direct marketing is the ability to test variables like:

- frequency/timing of offers

- the offers themselves

- method of contact for interested customers

- different landing websites

- the target audience.

Tweaking these variables - and tracking the responses for each test - will let you see which provides greater returns, allow you to adjust cost of campaign, and make other changes that will improve the campaign and help you achieve your objectives.

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