What is multi-channel marketing?

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Multichannel marketing involves a mix of online and offline channels to communicate with target audiences. As technology improves and an increasing number of consumers turn to online channels for information and other activities like interacting with businesses and brands, consumer demand for multiple channels of communication is growing. By utilising both traditional and new marketing channels, an organisation can multiply their investment returns with well-planned and personalised campaigns that effectively target consumers and businesses.

Multichannel Marketing Channels

While technology is growing and changing each day, traditional marketing channels continue to be a highly effective option for multichannel marketing, including personalised direct mail items.

Examples of multichannel marketing channels from both traditional and online sources include:

  • direct mail
  • website
  • social media
  • print advertising
  • retail store
  • online shop
  • catalogue

Multichannel marketing campaigns will leverage the most effective channels according to the preferences of target customers. A simple example: a direct mail item may encourage customers to reply to an offer by phone or a website, depending on the personal inclinations of each consumer or business.

The Benefits of Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel marketing is a major opportunity to provide a seamless experience across the channels your customers prefer to use. And because different marketing channels offer different benefits, a well-planned and coordinated strategy will allow your organisation to work off the strengths of individual channels and achieve maximum impact.

One of the main benefits of multichannel marketing is the ability to offer personalised and relevant offers which can then improve customer loyalty by targeting consumers more effectively.

The effective coordination of multiple marketing channels is another major benefit in this area; if planned correctly, a marketing campaign can bring increased response rates when compared to a single-channel campaign. Also, customers that interact with an organisation or brand in their preferred channels are more loyal than those who experience an organisation through a single channel.

Get Multichannel Marketing Right

Successful multichannel marketing campaigns involve a range of requirements that also vary for each organisation, but there are some basic elements to consider.

Get to Know Customers

A basic and essential element of any marketing channel is to get to know your customers, including their preferred channels of interaction. Here, developing and maintaining a strong database must be a priority. With comprehensive customer data to pull information from, marketers will be well-equipped to not only leverage relevant marketing channels but also create personalised and effective communications.

Provide a Seamless and Personalised Experience

Provide consistent messaging, content, images and functionality across channels in order to provide a cohesive experience for consumers and increase your returns. This may require an increased investment in the content, design and message of your multichannel marketing campaign, but it will also bring increased returns as customers recognise your branding and make a connection across marketing channels.

Test Your Marketing Campaigns

Testing is an effective technique to improve direct mail and other marketing channels. For example, experimenting with different target audiences and various messages, timing, customer reply methods, headlines, offers and even fonts can help determine which direct mail item will be most effective in the future.

Direct Mail and Other Marketing Channels

The preparation and execution of a multichannel campaign is a critical aspect in this area of marketing. Consider employing a third-party to help manage the many aspects of multichannel marketing, including customer data, the content and design of a campaign, and campaign integration. With planning and the right resources in place, an organisation can leverage each marketing channel for a maximum return.

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Luke Child - National Marketing Manager - eLetter

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