Essential communication

Handling return to sender mail can be a laborious task requiring time to track changes, up date your database and resend the mail. We can take care of this process for you, ensuring your return to sender mail is always given priority and actioned promptly.

We can scan any return to sender mail and wash this data against our National Change of Address file, providing you with an updated database and a report outlining the changes. For non-bar-coded return to sender mail we are able to enter the data manually and then destroy the mail packs if required. Ask one of one of our team members now for more information.

Our web based job management service is a highly efficient, cost-effective and flexible service for managing transactional mail communications.

It works by firstly formatting your data into the required communication template, including addressing, appending DPIDs and pre-sorting to access all available postage discounts.

The document is then placed into our eLetter nationwide print network where it is printed, folded and lodged into the mail system for prompt delivery.